HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a kind of virus which spread through specific body fluids which affect the person's immune system. In medical term, the CD4 cells usually described as T cells. When a person who is affected by HIV it destroys so many of these cells in the body which can’t fight off to get infections and disease in the later time. CD4 cells are the special cells that help the immune system to fight off diseases. Study shows an untreated HIV reduces the number of CD4 cells/T cells in the body. As a result, this damage to the immune system which makes the body hard to retain back to normal fight against infections and some other diseases as a result, it leads to HIV AIDS.

Can a Sexologist or Sex Therapist have the Proficiency to control HIV?

It is a BIG Yes! For those who are not well informed about this virus. HIV can be controlled by the use of some special medicine which is called ART (antiretroviral therapy) also known as PEP. If somebody with HIV takes medication of ART as prescribed then their viral load amount of HIV in their blood can convert undetectable the chances of undetectable some possibilities to live long and healthy lives as well ART effectively no risk of spreading HIV to an HIV-negative partner by sex.

What are the stages of HIV?

When people receive HIV, in addition, they don’t try to receive any medication or treatment they will grow through three different stages of the disease.

Stage 1: Acute HIV infection starts within 2 to 4 weeks, people may encounter symptom of flu-like illness, which may last for a few weeks. It’s an indication that you are now in infection. When some people who have acute HIV infection, they have a high amount of virus in their blood and are very poisonous. But in such condition, people are not aware of these acute infections. To understand whether someone has an acute infection or not a following nucleic acid (NAT) test is important. If you think you have been exposed to HIV during sex or drug use and you have flu-like symptoms. Then contact the nearest HIV specialist in the area.

Important: If you have done unprotected sex and if you think you are infected by HIV, then use PEP within 72 hours to stop HIV get expose in the body.

Stage 2: HIV inactivity or dormancy, this phrase is also called asymptomatic HIV contamination or chronic HIV infection. Throughout this phase, HIV is still alive but reproduces at very low levels. People may not feel any symptoms or they will not get sick during this time. This stage could be last long or more than a decade in some case, most of the people may progress through this phase faster. People who are using medicine to cure HIV (ART) as prescribed may be in this stage for many decades. It is very essential to recognize that people can still spread HIV to others during this period. But people who take HIV medicine as prescribed like ART will have no chances to spread HIV to other people including HIV negative. In this phase, the person’s viral load begins to go up and the CD4 cell count starts to go down. If this happens then the person may begin to possess symptoms of AIDS.

Stage 3: AIDS or Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome have such badly weakened immune systems that they get a growing number of severe illnesses which is also called opportunistic illnesses. Some people without medication with AIDS typically remain for 3 years. The common symptoms of HIV AIDS include chills, fever, sweats, swollen lymph glands, weakness, or weight loss.

Is there any chance to cure HIV?

HIV cannot cure it there is no proper guarantee result to cure HIV. But with proper medical care HIV can be controlled but cannot cure. Treatment for HIV is known as antiretroviral therapy or ART or If you have done unprotected sex and if you think you are infected by HIV, then use PEP within 72 hours to stop HIV get expose in the body.