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HIV Specialist

It's been twenty years since Dr. Raina's Safe Hands Clinic a sexology clinic has started it's a remarkable journey. It was started by Dr. Vinod Raina who is certified by About Condom Break Imagethe award-winning bodies. Building a reputation in the society is not a cakewalk, but Raina safe hands clinic has set a benchmark in this field. Dr. Raina's safe hand's clinic gives personal attention and individual treatment to every patient in a very caring way. Dr. Raina Safe Hands clinic has set a milestone by winning people's hearts through their hard work.

It's the inscription of the whole crew of Dr. Raina's Safe Hands Clinic to maintain the sexual health of their patients. The technologies that we use for treating our patients are of high quality, safe, and effective. Our updated and improved techniques of treating patients have proven to be a boon for the patients.

Once a victim inserts into our clinic, their difficulties become ours. After the therapy has begun, we take responsibility for them in every manner possible. It can be blood tests, prescribing proper prescription, preparing a proper menu plan, and every other reasonable step which we can take for them. Over this long period, Dr. Raina's Safe Hands Clinic and the whole team has been trying it's level best to cure people and has even succeeded to a great extent. Our major goal is to bring a smile on our patient's faces when they go out of our clinic after treatment. Dr. Raina's Safe Hands clinic is the best in the industry in Delhi. So if you live in Delhi and exploring for Best Sexologist, then your search stops here. Book an appointment with our experienced and qualified doctors and get rid of your problems.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide information for contraceptive protection for both men and women. Contraceptive information includes such as a condom. It is the most prominent product that people use these days. Condom Breaks was started at the age of 2000 our first mission was to create awareness about condom in amongst the young people who were facing issues in lovemaking, most of the cases were involved such as pregnancy, STD and HIV. Young 18+ people were not much aware of the condoms and it's used. In other words, they were unable to use the contraceptive method properly. Our mission began to help people one after another we informed the effective information about condom and its uses, moreover we suggested some other contraceptive method for both men and women. It is been 20 years we successfully helped for all the people who were facing the issues such as HIV, STD and many other viruses which were impacted by STD like gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes, HIV AID.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cure and aware information about contraception and its benefits. So everyone can be healthy and happy in their lovemaking lives. In the next upcoming 5 years, we will try our best to make Delhi free from STD and HIV AIDS. Our vision is included with the proper consultation of contraceptive medication such as uses of best quality condoms, proper usage of spermicide, pregnancy contraception and many more professional meditative practices which can save lives. Our vision began at the age of 2000 we found many suicide cases and we decided to save the lives of the young people who were about to plan for unprotected lovemaking. The condom was the only option for the younger generation. which reduced the chances of getting infected through STD and HIV AIDS. We have organised some other organisation for HIV AIDS Bootcamp and consultation on how to repel HIV in the exposer by pep medication within 72 hours.